Considering the fact that our products are well-accepted and their demand is growing consistently, we can safely assume the confidence in our products by different stakeholders. Furthermore, JASSH has not limited itself to the acquisition of ISO 9001 certification but has also acted on it by building each of our processes, heavily investing in training and nurturing a quality based culture that flourishes throughout the organization, from the starting point of production to the delivery of goods.

Complying with international standards, our plant consists of a well equipped analytical laboratory QA/QC department, which guarantees precision and accuracy in analysis. Our analysis is paired with evaluation of our systems and processes for the purpose of continuous improvement, compliance, endorsements from regulatory authority (DRAP).

Quality Assurance is a priority area within JASSH. A full fledge team of skilled and qualified professionals including pharmacist chemists and microbiologists oversee the function and have at their disposal the latest equipment & technology available – including atomic absorption spectrophotometer, Flame Photometer, UV/visible spectrophotometer, digital polarimeter  to name a few.

Stringent approval criteria & testing of raw & packaging materials along with thorough in-process & final product testing, ensure that all finished products are of the utmost standard. Of course, we also ensure that we are up-to-date with all regulatory, governmental and/or legal requirements.