Quality Policy


The Quality of an organization is not just reflected in its products and procedures but it is the state of mind of each employee and the systems which they follow to achieve their work objectives.

We Only Believe in Quality

Quality is a continuous process which has to be upgraded, depending on the changing demands of the customers, the environment and the social responsibilities.Since the inception of the company , JASSH management strived for maintaining highest standard of quality in each department of the company.

JASSH management continuously seeks help of outside consultants to assist the organization to modernize its systems, help the employees to change their attitude through training and modify SOPs to meet the challenges of the environment as well as the laws.

JASSH quality assurance unit tests each batch of raw material against the international standards and also checks the integrity of packaging materials. It is the ultimate responsibility of the quality assurance unit to ensure that each product falls well within the required standards; and the products must meet the expectations of physicians and patients.