A couple of decades ago, Pakistan was completely dependent on the import of dialysis solutions. Market supply disruptions and price escalations were common occurrences. Armed with this knowledge and our deep rooted desire to contribute to our nation’s healthcare system, JASSH was founded. Within a short span of time, we were able to be a leading company of a vibrant domestic dialysis solutions manufacturing facility Pakistan’s pharma business.

This modest contribution for the nation makes us feel very proud and has acted as a catalyst to further growth of our business group, both within the pharma / healthcare segment and our other diversified businesses.

We are an evolving company in a changing world. We have grown dramatically over the last few years and have ambitious plans for the years to come. We strive to remain true to our commitment – We Give the Best to Life… in each segment of our business and never compromise on the quality of our products. Thank you for your interest in JASSH and for visiting this window on our world. I welcome you to our family.

Hasan Jamil Rana